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Life Advance Fitness

Web Design - Marketing Design

The Problem:

Life Advance Fitness is a premiere personal training facility in Emmaus, PA. How do we create a full re-branding that matches the high energy of the owner while simultaneously providing trust to future clients?

The Final Results

over the course of 6 months, laf was transformed in Almost Every Aspect

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Brand New webflow site

An all-new redesign, taking their SquareSpace site to Webflow. Featuring a new branding style, updated intake forms, and a modern feel.

A Revitalizing Ad Campaign

A video campaign that featured a custom song and nostalgic elements that resonated with the local clientele. This campaign encompassed everything LAF and took them to the next level.

Revamped Marketing Design

New clothing designs and marketing materials were developed, aligning with the facility's refreshed brand identity, to effectively communicate its offerings and appeal to both existing and potential clients.

LAF Custom Shirt

High-Impact SEO

My technical SEO optimizations, coupled with the targeted marketing strategies, fueled a remarkable 200% surge in leads and engagement for Life Advance Fitness over a six-month period.


Initial Ideation Questions

this was my first time building a site for such a fitness facility, so i needed to make sure i was prepared


What does a modern fitness facility look like?

I needed to conduct a competitive analysis just to see how the other top fitness facilities within the lehigh valley were presenting to their clientele

What are athletes looking for?

After that, i wanted to know what were the questions that the target demographic needed answered

How are the competition solving their potential problems?

What methods is the competition using to obtain and retain customers?

How do we highlight the trainers?

I wanted to find the best way possible to put the trainers in the forefront while still making it feel focused on the client

Initial Design Phase

Using what I learned, I got started on the first drafts of their design

Initial wireframes using procreate

I start all of my designs in Procreate to get a "hand-drawn" sketch that allows me to quickly plan out layouts before moving to Figma for high-fidelity mockups

Taking it further

I still wasn’t happy with the results I had so far. So i decided to key in to certain details that would make things shine

Life Advance Fitness Logo

bolder colors

After taking a deeper look at their logo, I noticed how bold and proud the colors and shadows presented themselves. I knew this needed to shine
Life Advance Fitness Checkmark Icon

More striking icons

I applied this to all of the icons to create a more emboldened look that appeared almost 3d so they all stood out on the site
Life Advance Fitness Heartbeat

the heartbeat of the site

The last thing i took a look at was the heart-rate monitor used across the facility and had the idea... why can’t this be their Nike check?

The Final Prototype


Life Advance Fitness Home Page Prototype
Life Advance Fitness Performance Page Prototype
Life Advance Fitness About Mage Prototype
View on Figma

Building Process

after finishing the design came the most important part... actually building the thing

This was my first webflow site

Having such a huge project being my first foray into the platform presented its own set of issues. however, this forced me to overcome the learning curve to produce some amazing results.

Responsive Design process

One of the main things i wanted to ensure was an experience that looked great on all devices to ensure each client has a similar experience

fluid animations

Life Advance Fitness is a very high-energy and modern facility. The animations and graphics across the site all aim to support that feeling





strong sEO

Making sure this site follows all best practices to rank as high as possible within the Lehigh valley.
Scores taken from google lighthouse

Phase 2:  The Marketing Process

Showing their brand to the world in a new light

All started with a Video campaign

We knew firsthand that we wanted to create a video campaign that really told the story of the owner - Vince and his facility. A strong ad campaign was simply the most obvious move
Emmaus Highschool Logo

visiting my old school

We wanted the video to feel familiar to the local clientele, so what better way then to visiting Emmaus high school and shoot on their track field. It was a nostalgic feeling that really tied everything together.

what’s your creed? a custom song

We grabbed a snippet from the interview done with the owner of LAF where I asked him what his "Creed" was for the company. We then decided to turn this snipped into a custom instrumental and song to use for the video without needing to license someone else's music
Don't worry, we only used the instrumental in the final version

Stronger Than yesterday

Rebranding all of their marketing materials to match the new style before the final step

Life Advance Fitness Boxing Tshirt DesignLife Advance Fitness Business Cards RedesignLAF Trainer Robin Business CardLife Advance Fitness Tri Fold Brochure Redesign - Outside CoverLife Advance Fitness Tri Fold Brochure Redesign - Inside Cover

What I learned

This was the biggest learning experience in my freelance career


The process for a full marketing rebrand

This was an incredibly big project and i learned a lot during the process. I now know the exact steps to take and better questions to ask when it comes to a re branding for a company

Mistakes of initial webflow build

After many builds, rebuilds, and discoveries I learned about my initial mistakes using webflow. from the small stuff like proper mobile navigations to bigger stuff like utilizing styles and components effectively

How to advertise in the future

A campaign like this deserves as big of an audience as possible. I learned a lot about effective SEO practices to further reach.
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“The Website looks official and it’s Always evolving. I love it.”

-Vince Wimberly Jr.
Owner of Life Advance Fitness

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