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Pearly Whites

UX/UI - Digital marketing

The Problem:

How do We Create a Way to Encourage People to Brush their Teeth?

UX/UI - Digital marketing

Phase 1: Prototyping

The process towards creating a high-quality app design

Initial Ideation

The planning phase to hammer down all the internal details, goals, and story I want to tell with Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites Flow Chart
Pearly Whites Kanban Moscow Cards
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Design Phase

Using the research done to then start exploring the design for the app

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Putting everything together in a high-quality prototype in Figma

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Phase 2: Pretotyping Process

Taking the app concept and bringing it to life with a real-world solution

A logo for Pearly Whites Smart Mirror featuring a stylized representation of a smart mirror with the brand name above and a decorative underline. The design is simple, with a black and white color scheme.

a smart mirror is a natural evolution of the pearly whites app, where brushing happens the most.

The Idea

Breaking down each characteristic of the mirror and it’s potential challenges

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A storyboard depicting the user journey with a dental health app. It starts with a person waking up, followed by motivation to brush teeth, using an app that tracks and encourages good dental hygiene. The storyboard illustrates various app features such as progress tracking, rewards, and a smart mirror that analyzes brushing technique.

The Promotion

Breaking down each characteristic of the mirror and it’s potential challenges

Screenshot of the Pearly Whites Smart Mirror landing page displaying the product, user testimonials, features of the smart mirror, and a section for users to join a mailing list. It has a clean and informative design with calls to action.
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The Results

Where Everything Led To

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A composite image showing Instagram promotion analytics. On the left, the 'Video Insights' screen displays '10 Promotion Taps' with a completed status and a $30 spend on a website taps goal, alongside a gender distribution chart with 67.5% women and 32.4% men. On the right, the 'Overview' screen lists 1,730 people reached, with 2,152 impressions, of which 96% came from the promotion.

What I'd Do Differently...


Stronger and earlier marketing push

The marketing for Pearly Whites only lasted about a week. With more time and funding, Ideally would like to run it for a month long with various ads spread throughout.

Include more of Fresh’s personality throughout marketing

Going along with the last point, I would include Fresh's presence as a mascot much more in the marketing to get people acclimated with his character

More word-of-mouth advertising

I'd speak to a lot of people in-person and have them share the details as well.

Include shots of prototype to give people a better idea of the product

I also felt as if people were missing out on the whole idea of Pearly Whites. Including the app mockups would give them a better sense of what they were signing up for.

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