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OUD PEW Project

UX Research

The Problem:

How do we visually fill knowledge gaps in the current treatment system and producing policy recommendations to address the opioid crisis in Philadelphia

Phase 1: Prototyping

Creating a Journey-map to tell the story of the current treatment system

Initial Research

Gathering information needed to understand the current state of the Philadelphia Opioid Epidemic

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Using this information to then create the four people that will be represented

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Initial Design Phase

The inspiration and creation of the Journey Map

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Visual Storytelling

A Deep Dive into the Design of the Journey Map

A logo for Pearly Whites Smart Mirror featuring a stylized representation of a smart mirror with the brand name above and a decorative underline. The design is simple, with a black and white color scheme.

The Goal of the Journey Map is to be easy to understand for people with little knowledge and those that are experts in the field.


Each Persona has their own color that is represented in multiple parts of the design to describe their journey

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A storyboard depicting the user journey with a dental health app. It starts with a person waking up, followed by motivation to brush teeth, using an app that tracks and encourages good dental hygiene. The storyboard illustrates various app features such as progress tracking, rewards, and a smart mirror that analyzes brushing technique.

Hand-Drawn Style

Each Persona has their own color that is represented in multiple parts of the design to describe their journey

Screenshot of the Pearly Whites Smart Mirror landing page displaying the product, user testimonials, features of the smart mirror, and a section for users to join a mailing list. It has a clean and informative design with calls to action.
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Information Architecture

Condensing all the information into a manner that is easy to understand

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A composite image showing Instagram promotion analytics. On the left, the 'Video Insights' screen displays '10 Promotion Taps' with a completed status and a $30 spend on a website taps goal, alongside a gender distribution chart with 67.5% women and 32.4% men. On the right, the 'Overview' screen lists 1,730 people reached, with 2,152 impressions, of which 96% came from the promotion.

What I Learned


How complicated the process can be

A Journey Map on this scales requires a lot of time, effort, and teamwork to create. We worked with the PEW Team and Jefferson University Researchers to get a deeper understanding of the treatment system while also ensuring our work is correct

The importance of visual design in telling a story

The use of colors, typography, and subtle visual cues play a huge role in making this viable for someone with basic knowledge to understand.

How to create a strong foundation with the proper research

I am a firm believer that great designs come from thorough research. Effective designs are a means to convey information to a user in a way that is most easy to understand. This project would be nothing without that time spent.

My role as a designer can save lives

The work me and all other UI/UX Designers do is more important than we realize. The ability to make a data visualization like this is not an easy feat but has made a huge difference in a cause I believe in.

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